2020 Ontario Provincial Skeet Championships

We’re hosting!

Our club has been awarded the opportunity to host the Provincial Skeet Championships for 2020 and the Executive couldn’t be any happier.  This event is of a much larger scale and boasts memories of such events held at our facility years ago that were extremely successful and this one will be no different.  Our team has a lot of preparation to do around the range and the Executive will be calling on members to volunteer towards a committee to plan, organize resources and some funding and execute the competition in July.  Please stay tuned for more details!!



25 Straight Lapel Pins

For recognition of a member’s first 25 straight in either skeet or trap, the club will award that member with a certificate marking the occasion and in addition, will present a lapel pin as shown below.  These are added to the kit shop inventory and for those members who have already accomplished these milestones, they can be purchased for the low cost of $5.00 each.  These awards will only be handed out or sold by members of the Executive that will be subject to verification of said accomplishment and ethics.  Thanks and let’s start cranking those first straights!



December Updates

December now here and full swing into the holiday season begins.  Dec 8th will see our last fun shooting event for members for the season and this year’s format is a pot luck for members to bring their specialty dishes for all to enjoy.  Be sure to get signed up.  The 2020 Membership and Renewal applications are now avail and we certainly look forward to all current members returning and always seek new members in joining our team as well.  The 2020 season will see us hosting the Ontario Provincial Skeet Championships in July and assistance from the membership will be required to make this event a success.  So grab your membership application and renew by Jan 31st 2020 and we’ll see you on the range!  Thanks.      



Upcoming Events

The following events have been scheduled over the next couple of months:

 2019 Events – Scheduled

  • Member’s Turkey Fun Shoot – Dec 8th
  • (Details will be published as they become available)


2020 Events – Planned

  • CRFSC Course (Restricted) – Jan 25th
  • Butter Tart Fun Shoot – Mar 21st
  • DU Shoot/Dinner – Apr 10th
  • CFSC Course (Non-Restricted) – Apr 17th – 18th
  • Open House – May 16th?
  • CRFSC Course (Restricted) – May 30th
  • Members Skeet & Trap Clinics – Jun?
  • Eastern Youth HC Orientation – Jun 11th
  • Eastern YHC CFSC + Hunt Ed Course – Jul 2nd – 4th
  • Eastern YHC Skeet Famil – Jul 16th
  • 73rd Ont. Prov. Skeet Championships – Jul 24th – 26th!!!
  • Jessie Camp Fund Raiser Skeet Shoot – Aug?
  • CFSC Course (Non-Restricted) – Aug 28th – 29th
  • Memorial Shoot – Sep?
  • Members Skeet League Championship – Sep?
  • CRFSC Course (Restricted) – Sep 12th
  • President’s Trophy 3 x Discipline Shoot – Oct?
  • Under the Lights Shoot – Oct/Nov?
  • CFSC Course (Non-Restricted) – Dec 4th – 5th
  • AGM – Dec 6th
  • Turkey Fun Shoot (Members – Only) – Dec 13th