Skeet League 2018 Winner

The club’s first Skeet League winner today was Don Barnes.  Second place was Mike Hartzman and third was Matt Pomeroy.  Fourth and fifth runners up were Tony Raponi and Gary Tisdale.  Well done to all competitors.  See you next year!


25 Straight Trap

Please help us congratulate Brian Weir for achieving his first 25 straight in trap today at the club, well done Brian and hope you have many more!



First 25 Straight – Trap!

Let’s all congratulate our Junior member, Nic Neumann for achieving his first 25 straight in trap on Sunday July 15th.  Witnessed by David Fitzerman and Brian Weir.  Nic has been working on his technique and skills very hard and the work has paid off, well done Nic!


25 Straight Lapel Pins

For recognition of a member’s first 25 straight in either skeet or trap, the club will award that member with a certificate marking the occasion and in addition, will present a lapel pin as shown below.  These are added to the kit shop inventory and for those members who have already accomplished these milestones, they can be purchased for the low cost of $5.00 each.  These awards will only be handed out or sold by members of the Executive that will be subject to verification of said accomplishment and ethics.  Thanks and let’s start cranking those first straights!