RCMP – Canadian Firearms Program

Created in 1996 to oversee the administration of the Firearms Act and regulations.

In 2008, the RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Centre (CAFC) and Firearm Support Services Directorate (FSSD) were brought together under the umbrella of Policing Support Services (PSS) as a stronger and more comprehensive Canadian Firearms Program (CFP).

This program oversees the administration of the Firearms Act and its related Regulations, serving lawful and responsible firearms users.

Public safety is the CFP’s goal.


All firearm owners must possess a firearm licence as a result of successfully completing the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

A Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) is the only licence currently available to new applicants.  It is renewable every 5 years.  New applicants must complete a full course of instruction plus exam under the supervision of a Firearm Safety Course Instructor to receive their licence.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Information pertaining to the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario.

We are currently seeking another Firearm Safety instructor to conduct this training at our club.  Stay tuned for more information. This link contains the Firearm Safety Course Manuals and information ref the Firearm Laws.

Manuals can be downloaded to study in preparation for attending the Firearm Safety Course.

Firearms Canada – Link displays the Gun Dealers located in Canada.