What is Trap Shooting

Trapshooting is one of the various clay target shooting activities enjoyed in Ontario and throughout Canada. It is popular among recreational and competitive shooters.

Trap shooting is one specific discipline of clay target shooting.

Trapshooting was originally developed by bird hunters looking to improve their capacity on the hunt, but the activity was fast to catch on. Soon even non-hunters were having a good time shooting the clay targets or even live pigeons.

The clay targets are launched from a “house”, via a clay target thrower, which launches a moving clay target at various  distances and angles away from the shooter, depending on the shooters position.

The shooter will shoot at the target after calling “pull!” Regardless if the shooter shatters the target or merely clips a small corner, the target will be considered a “dead” bird. Shooters have the responsibility to keep their own score.

This makes trapshooting different from other forms of clay shooting practices. The gun of choice in trapshooting is usually a 12-gauge shotgun. But, shooters have expanded their skills to use a variety of hunting guns in the practice.

Trapshooting is an attractive sport for men and women alike. Age differences are not important as old and young alike can participate in this exciting event. Of course, a certain amount of strength and stamina are needed to shoot well for any extended amount of time. There are even mental benefits to the practice.

Participants will improve hand-eye coordination, self discipline and mental focus. It is very important that all participants understand fire-arm safety procedures and have a healthy respect for firearms and their deadly capacity.

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Tips To Improve Your Trap Shooting Skills

As with all shooting activities, safety is the number one priority. Keep the gun muzzle pointed down range at all times.

Remember your gun must be kept empty and the action open at all times when you are not actually shooting.

  1. Begin by selecting a gun that has been fitted to suit your stature to ensure proper technique for shooting clays can be attained.
  2. Use a single purposeful motion to shoulder your gun and make sure that it is sitting just right in the shoulder pocket. This reduces the recoil of the gun and allows improved accuracy in shooting.
  3. Place your cheek up against the comb of the gun and keep it there throughout the process of taking a shot. If you were to remove your cheek from the comb and lift your head, you may suffer a painful recoil and possibly throw your aim off target.
  4. Be sure to get plenty of practice with your gun mount off the range so you can develop a second nature when you are ready to begin. This way, when you arrive at the range all you will have to focus on is shooting conditions and target.
  5. When shooting, it is important to point the gun at the target rather than aim. This means focusing on the target not lining up the beads or barrel.
  6. Use low recoil target loads. By using these special shotgun shells, you will experience less recoil, high velocity and an improved shot pattern. You will be able to hit your targets accurately and consistently. Target loads are mandatory on our range.

Practice regularly! With more practice your yield and scores will greatly improve. You will even build more enjoyment in the sport.

Planning to shoot trap?

Just come on out during open hours and you’ll always find a few other members to team up with.

Here's some Trap Shooting Video to Help Get You Started