Sporting Clays

News; we are pleased to announce that our sporting clays range has taken on new clay flight paths to make the course even more exciting and challenging.  Come out on a Sunday morning and get signed up to try your hand at a round of clays.

What is sporting clays?

Sporting clays is the closest thing to actual field shooting in all the shotgun sports.  It is often referred to as golf with a shotgun.  Rather than having clays thrown for the normal standard angles and distances as with skeet or trap, these ranges are designed to simulate the flight patterns for hunting ducks, pheasants, and other upland birds and even rabbits.

Targets are literally throw from any angle, direction, and distance to simulate hunting conditions  with up to four different sized clays to provide the shooter with a very real environment.  Our range consists of 10 stations arranged on a trail around the property amongst the woodland providing the most realistic setting for hunting small game.  A fresh outdoor atmosphere that is both picturesque and serene but still very challenging to the most experienced and skilled clay target shooter, come give it a try!

Sporting Clays Schedule

                Our sporting clays range is currently closed for the season for safety reasons.                        Stay tuned for update for range opening.

Guests are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a club member.  This part of the range is a first come, first serve format with the first squad out between 9-9:30am and the last squad out at noon.  A sign-up process is in place upon arrival at the club on the Sunday morning before 9am.  Have fun.