The club was created in 1973 by Dr. Gian B. Paloschi (1930-1993).

He was the club founder, mentor, and benefactor.

He liked hunting and the shooting sports; thus his affiliation with the shooting sports of trap and skeet.  He was more an accomplished Trap shooter [ New York State Handicap Champion and Ontario Summer Games winner], but he also enjoyed skeet as it kept him sharp for his favorite hunting, that of the woodcock.  The club would not exist, if not for his insight to create it, and his determination to see it succeed, both during his lifetime and beyond! We all thank you!!

      Doc, or John, as he was known to his closest friends, is always missed, every time the club is open; for his wit, humour, wisdom and zest for life, fun and fast sports cars.

      The club began in 1973 with one trap field, which soon became a combination field with skeet.  In 1976 an additional combination was added, as was an automatic practice trap field to the east of the main field.  In 1983, the practice trap was torn down, and 2 more combination fields were added, doubling the club’s capabilities.  Soon, a need for greater storage dictated that the club build a garage, in 1987, which has a low skeet house built into it.  Completion of this field to throw targets was not finished until 1997, with the help of a NSSA grant.

     Certificate of Incorporation received on Feb 2, 2016.

      Although the club has experienced a huge turnover in its membership, there are a few original members still present and shoot regularly that were members of the club when the club first opened in ’73.  Come by and chat with the members and listen to the stories of the club’s origin, you’ll be amazed!


The club has 3 x Skeet fields, plus 1 x Trap/Skeet field, and a 14 x station Sporting Clays course layout that’s second to none.

All skeet and trap fields utilize well maintained and modern target launchers.  

Our Sporting Clays layout has been improved to provide additional stations, and enhanced flight profiles which provide a variety of target shooting presentations, within a very realistic surrounding.

All of our Skeet and Trap fields come with a clear sky background, free of charge.