Are visitors welcome at the range?

Visitors are most welcome anytime during normal operating hours, however please call ahead to ensure resources/members are available to accommodate. Please be mindful if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness to please reframe from visiting.  Before being permitted to use the facilities, there are mandatory information briefs on the rules/regulations relating to firearm safety as well as the signing of a waiver. 

Contact the clubhouse for more information.


Are the facilities open year round?

We operate year around however, some disciplines are reduced in availability due to access during the winter months such as sporting clays.  Trap, and skeet both operate throughout the entire year.


Do we rent firearms?

No we do not rent firearms.  We are strictly a non-restricted shotgun sports facility but do have a couple of shotguns for visitors to try under direct supervision when available.


Do we offer Firearm Safety Courses?

We are currently seeking instructors to conduct Firearm Safety Training courses in both Restricted and Non-Restricted. 

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


Does the club permit group shoots?

Yes by advanced request only, and subject to availability, the club will approve small group shoots.  Click here to access a Group Request form to complete and email to us for approval.


Does the club accept new members?

As our website indicates, we accept new memberships throughout the year, Adult, Family and Junior. 

See Membership Fees page for details.


What size of shot is permitted at the range?

The only shotgun sized shot permitted for use within the range is target loads of #7.5, #8, and #9.


What safety rules apply at the range?

Some General Safety Rules that apply can be reviewed here.