Shotgun Sports

Welcome to the Kingston & District Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays Club  website.  Our club has been in operation since 1973.  Our Certificate of Incorporation was received on Feb 2, 2016 as a not-for-profit corporation.   The aim of our site is to provide information on the shotgun sports in the Kingston region, the promotion of outdoor sports at our club, and primarily, the safe handling of firearms. 

 Our facility provides an excellent venue for shotgun enthusiasts and hunters to participate in traditional disciplines such as Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays.  We operate all year around and always welcome visitors and guests of other shotgun sport clubs.  We have a vast array of seasoned shooters ranging from novice to advanced as well as a Club Pro for skeet.  

       We invite you to come by, bring your shotgun and ammunition, and give it a try.  Or if you would like to know more about the sport and are interested in giving it a try, please visit us and chat with our members who will accommodate you accordingly.  We hope that our web site will serve as a guide to our facility and act as a source of useful information for local shooters or those wishing to know more about the sport.  We are a member of the Ontario Skeet Shooting Assoc. (OSSA), the National Skeet Shooting Assoc. (NSSA), and the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (OFAH). 

(A shotgun only range- no rifles or handguns)


The range will be open for business as a result of the latest province wide COVID protocol change for shutdowns as we are an accepted outdoor recreational facility permitted to operate.  The club is still restricted to members only and their guests.  Visitors are prohibited from visiting the facility unless inquiring about information and/or membership, then they must depart.  The Executive will regularily evaluate and advise when visitors will be permitted.             

                                             Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.     

_____________________________________________________                                                  Aerial view of our entire Range

(video credit:  Charlie Young:  mb6053@outlook.com)


Clay_Crushers 2Looking for new members to come visit our facility and help us crush some clay pigeons.  These pesky discs escape from their enclosures on demand with velocity and fly across the landscape in a very predictable flight path and need to be destroyed.  If they are not stopped in mid-flight, they will accumulate on the ground.  The clays can be coaxed from their abode by calling to them by giving the command of “pull.”

We hope you join our collective effort in eliminating these critters and become part of the “Kingston Clay Crushers Team.”  😉 


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