Firearm Safety Training

The Executive is pleased to announce that we are once again in a position to conduct Firearm Safety Training for anyone interested in obtaining their licences for Restricted (CRFSC) or Non-Restricted (CFSC).  On the Mark Outdoors Training will be offering these sessions but due to the recent Provincial Restrictions starting in Feb and running into May.  Please click link below to contact the instructors to inquire ref scheduled sessions and registration.

Click here for registration details!



New Licences

Congratulations to Matt Kenyon and Jett Pomeroy for successfully passing their Canadian Firearms Safety Course in October 2020. These two Junior members are great example of the next generation of our sport so be sure to give them a both a high five, fist pump, elbow smash, or even just a COVID compliant nod of your head the next time you see them at the club.  Be Safe, Shoot Straight, and have fun!


January Updates

Let’s bring in 2021 starting in January with a safe and conscious attitude of ensuring all shooters remain safe and practice/abide by all the rules and policies of our live shooting range.  We are starting to plan some events and hope we can execute them amidst our COVID restrictions.  We urge all members to maintain an awareness of firearm safety and remind your fellow member if and when he/she forgets.  Looking forward to a prosperous year of new members to match 2020’s tremendous additions of new team members.  We thank everyone for their support, cooperation, assistance and most of all patience.  A reminder that 2021 membership renewals are due by Jan 31st, 2021 please. The 2020 AGM is scheduled for Jan 24th, 2021 via a virtual format.  See you soon and stay safe!       



Upcoming Events

2021 Events – Planned

  • AGM 2020 – Virtual Meeting – Jan 24th at 4pm (details TBA)
  • CFSC and CRFSC Feb 19th and 20th
  • CFSC and CRFSC Feb 26th and 27th 
  • CFSC and CRFSC – Mar 19th and 20th
  • Butter Tart Fun Shoot Mar 27th
  • CFSC and CRFSC  May 7th and 8th
  • Jessie Camp Fund Raiser Shoot Aug 21st
  • Details will be published as they become available)